Listening, learning, questioning, exploring — working together with client brands to uncover the most engaging and impactful ways to connect with their audiences.
Discussion. Discovery. Understanding. Your brand. Its journey. The people. Your vision. The brief. Audiences. Competitors. Opportunities. Challenges. Considerations. Strategy. Insights. Ideas. Concepts. Design. Development. Craft. Review. Refine. Review. Refine. Deliver...
Concert is an independent brand identity and design practice led by me, John Kwiecinski. I've been helping brands communicate more effectively for over twenty years and have developed strategy, concepts, identities and a wide range of designed material for corporate, cultural and lifestyle brands across the UK, Europe and Australia.
No matter the brand or sector, from startups to listed companies, I work hard to find and refine genuine insights and compelling ideas — together with specialist creative partners when required — before delivering them across print, pack, online and digital.​​​​​​​
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