Navigating cyber security

Transport Cyber Security Advisory and Solutions, part of TfNSW's Transport Cyber Defence department, is dedicated to detecting, minimising and innovating around the growing threat of cyber attacks to their information technology and operational technology systems.
Concert was invited by strategy and planning consultancy The Healthy Brand Company, to help with the naming and redesign of a new brand identity.  
Crucially, the identity and its communication needed to instil confidence and practicality in a previously splintered ecosystem that lacked clarity and was often seen as too cumbersome and confusing for employees to engage with.
The insight we learned was to ensure that while there was always a need to focus in on the details, it was just as important to keep an eye on the big picture — to show a clear view of the whole process — reassuring staff that their project was on track and progressing as it should. 
Much like map reading, showing the context of a specific part of the journey could inspire confidence that the journey is on the right path...

Research, strategy and planning The Healthy Brand Company

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