Love Local

Blue Mountains City Council were looking to commission designs for a new banner to be printed and installed on street lighting poles across the town centres of Katoomba, Glenbrook and Springwood — a 'welcome' sign for local residents and visitors.
These banners would be reprinted and used for subsequent years — beyond the initial year of installation. As such, the design needed to feel 'generic' enough to be seen again and again, while still representing the vibrant mountains natural, cultural and creative environment.
To reflect this, a 'sketch' approach was chosen that would convey the rugged natural landscape, together with the more vibrant colours from the brand colour palette to suggest the energy of the local communities. 
It was also important for the banners to stand out against a visually busy streetscape — simple, bright and bold was key.
The banner identity would also be used across various applications — posters, local shop window signs and social media platforms, encouraging people to shop locally and support the mountains community.

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